ARR & FTR Annual Training

This one-day course provides a detailed description of the FTR auction & ARR allocation process. Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) will be defined and explained as a financial instrument which can be used to hedge against transmission congestion charges. Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs) will also be discussed and how they are allocated.

Course Details

Power Marketers/Traders
Load Serving Entities/Electric Distribution Co.
In Person
  • Overview of Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs)
  • Overview of Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs)
  • Overview of Simultaneous Feasibility Test (SFT)
  • Annual ARR Allocation Process
  • FTR Auctions & Bilateral Trading
  • Market Settlements
  • Annual ARR Allocation Example
  • Annual FTR Auction Example
  • FTR Center and Market User Interfaces

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Also available as previously recorded online videos.

There is no charge to PJM members or Governmental Entities.  Non-members are charged a nominal fee.  Please contact Training Support for more details.