Operational Parameters & Limits

These online training modules focus on the various operational parameters, limits and actions which can be taken to maintain and manage them.  The first module focuses on the purpose and definitions of the various transmission limits.  Next, PCLLRWs are discussed along with the Load Shed Determination Procedure including requirements and steps associated with this process. The Post Contingency Management Program is also discussed including PJM and Member roles and responsibilities, Transmission Loading Relief (TLR) procedures and the Constraint Management Mitigation Procedure. Additional topics of discussion include voltage and stability operating criteria.

Course Details

Transmission Owners/Operators
  • Purpose of Limits
  • DFAX & Gen Shift Factors
  • IROLs
  • PJM Thermal Operating Criteria
  • Post Contingency Local Load Relief Warning (PCLLRW)
  • Load Shed Determination Procedures
  • Post Contingency Congestion Management Program (PCCMP)
  • Transmission Loading Relief (TLR)
  • Constraint Management Mitigation Procedure (CMMP)
  • Voltage Operating Criteria
  • Stability

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Types of Limits, DFAX & Gen Shift Factors

Remedial Action Schemes


Thermal Operating Criteria

PCLLRW & Load Shed Procedure


Voltage Operating Criteria

System Stability Part 1

System Stability Part 2

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