Advanced Technologies

PJM embraces innovation and fosters collaboration with our members and other key players in the power industry to explore new and advanced technologies. These collaborations include:

  • Energy technology pilot projects deployed in the field
  • Published research
  • Tools that enhance PJM's business processes

PJM strives to share the results or findings of these collaborations in the spirit of sparking new ideas and furthering exploration into new concepts.

Partner with PJM

PJM is always interested in exploring new technologies, ideas and concepts. If you would like to partner with PJM on an advanced technology initiative, review and submit a prequalification questionnaire DOC. If you have questions, contact PJM.

Technology Pilot Project Highlights

Armada Power

PJM and Battelle Labs in Columbus, Ohio, developed an electric water heater control technology that can be applied to new or existing electric storage water heaters. The technology aggregates a collection of water heaters that can be dispatched by power grid operators. Battelle Labs has since spun off a new company called Armada Power that now operates these aggregated resources within PJM. Additional information on Armada Power can be found on the Armada Power website.

Dispatch Interactive Map Application

PJM developed a geographic information systems tool that allows PJM dispatchers to visually assess the grid using a variety of information at their fingertips, including detailed weather information, transmission line service, substations, generation, demand-side resources, and other data that can be displayed on top of one another.


General Motors/OnStar

PJM and OnStar collaborated to test the use of technology in the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to control charging based on real-time electric grid conditions. OnStar was able to control how a Chevy Volt charged based on the real-time percentage of renewable energy generation on the grid, ensuring the cleanest fuel mix possible was used to charge the battery.

IPKeys & Walmart

PJM partnered with IPKeys Technologies and Walmart to conduct one of the first demonstrations of a new automated demand response application. Through this project, a Walmart store's HVAC system was able to reduce its energy consumption in response to simulated high energy prices.

You can learn more about PJM's and its partners' energy innovations on the PJM Learning Center or in the Advanced Technologies brochure PDF.

Research & Publications

"Limited Energy Capability Resource Duration Requirement for Participation in PJM Capacity Market" (PDF)

“Regional-scale High-latitude Extreme Geoelectric Fields Pertaining to Geomagnetically Induced Currents,” Earth, Planets and Space, 2015

“Characteristics of Extreme Geoelectric Fields and Their Possible Causes: Localized Peak Enhancements,” Geophysical Research Letters, AGU, September 8, 2015
Abstract | Article (first page)

“Energy Storage: Balancing the 21st Century Power Grid,” IEEE Electrification Magazine, Vol 3, No 3, September 2015

Fact Sheets

Electric Vehicles and the Grid PDF
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