Information for Current & Prospective Suppliers

doing businessThe procurement of goods and services is a vital function for PJM and plays a key role in maintaining the organization’s competitive cost structure.

The mission of PJM’s Procurement organization is to support approved PJM business strategies by working collaboratively to facilitate partnerships between our internal customers and PJM’s suppliers. The goal is to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership for all the materials and services acquired by PJM.

Procurement Guiding Principles

Procurement is guided by PJM's Code of Conduct and dedicates itself to:

  • Conducting all activities in a fair, ethical and professional manner
  • Creating and maintaining an open, fair and competitive atmosphere that demands excellence
  • Challenging its suppliers to provide the highest-quality products and services in a timely manner, at competitive prices

PJM seeks strategic relationships with suppliers who share PJM’s values and beliefs. PJM is receptive to new suppliers who demonstrate that they will add value to PJM’s business operations and support its cost-management strategies.

Procurement Responsibilities

PJM Procurement negotiates all contracts with suppliers of materials and services on a company-wide basis. It strives to rationalize PJM’s supply base by retaining only the best performers. In addition, Procurement provides guidance and assistance, internally and externally, in the acquisition process.

As the authorized agents of the company, the members of the Procurement organization work with internal customers and suppliers to develop specifications, research availability, analyze the comparative value of available products and services and negotiate contracts. Only PJM agents and corporate officers are authorized to make procurement commitments.

Supplier Selection

Procurement evaluates current and prospective suppliers based on criteria such as technology, quality standards, financial strength and total overall benefit to PJM. It expects current and prospective suppliers to be proactive in evaluating and implementing cost improvements that will be mutually beneficial. Suppliers also are expected to provide strong customer support and serve as a resource for new materials, technologies and methodologies.

Additional information is available on supplier diversity and the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Responsibilities

PJM suppliers are responsible for the quality of the goods and services they provide and for ensuring that they fully comply with PJM requirements. PJM expects its suppliers to accept responsibility for any costs PJM might incur resulting from the delivery of non-conforming materials or services.

Supplier Visits to PJM

Current and prospective suppliers are welcome to visit PJM. Appointments are required and must be scheduled in advance. For assistance in scheduling a visit, contact Procurement.