Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at PJM

We must work together to confront racism and discrimination of all kinds to create a more inclusive world. At PJM, we stand with our colleagues, our members and our communities in the fight for equality and dignity for all. Within our company, we will strive to create a workforce that reflects the communities we serve, and an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.” 
Manu Asthana – President and CEO

PJM’s DEI Statement

  • PJM is committed to doing even more to foster a more diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. PJM believes that the diversity of the 65 million people we serve is a strength, and that the collective sum of our individual differences will lead to our best and most innovative outcomes – whether those differences are based upon how we look, where we come from, whom we love, our abilities or disabilities or what we’ve experienced, etc.
  • We seek to continue to foster a workforce that includes a general reflection of the different communities we serve and to create a workplace that embraces and nurtures these differences. By doing this, we honor the diversity of our footprint, and we progress toward the best possible and strongest version of PJM.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan - 2020 PDF

Who is PJM?

DEI Strategy

Messages from PJM DEI Leaders

“At PJM, we are asking ourselves what bold and compelling actions we can take to address our needs and the needs of the greater PJM community. Our diversity strategy is built on three pillars: workforce diversity, workplace inclusion and community accountability. We will take action to build upon these pillars and continue to foster a work environment that champions our differences, just as we champion the differences within our footprint and in the communities around us.”

– Asim Haque, Vice President – State & Member Services, and Executive Sponsor of the Diversity & Inclusion Council

“Fairness, objectivity and equity in opportunity and decision-making. Open-mindedness and impartiality in collaboration and coordination. If you believe in these concepts, then you believe in diversity, equity and inclusion. Objective decision-making and true collaboration improves PJM’s value proposition all around. So why stop at your comfort level? Open the door. Supporting efforts to make DEI part of our DNA is everyone’s business. How will you make it yours?”

– Darlene Philips, Executive Director – Operations Engineering Support

“As D&I Council Chair, I am excited to build relationships internally and externally to benefit PJM DEI efforts. I believe D&I changes can start small with open conversations within our networks: our families, our friends, our neighbors and our PJM peers and community. I am dedicated to recommending and participating in DEI initiatives to support PJM’s DEI strategy.”

– Anita Patel, D&I Council Chair

The Council

As designated by the PJM Executive Team, the Diversity and Inclusion Council recommends and participates in initiatives that address all three pillars of the company’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy: workforce diversity, workplace inclusion and community accountability. The council provides advice to PJM on issues and challenges related to DEI and the achievement of the organization’s DEI objectives.

Core Values

Diversity and teamwork are embedded in PJM’s Core Values. Employees respect diversity by recognizing and accepting the different abilities, backgrounds, cultures and needs of each individual.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups offer PJM employees an opportunity to share a connection and build networks based on attributes such as personal interests, identity, role, or membership in a particular organization. Participation in any employee resource group is open to all employees.

PJM’s employee resource groups include:

Supplier Diversity

PJM recognizes the importance and benefits of a diverse supplier base. It is good for PJM, our members, the business community and for the 65 million people who live and work in the region PJM serves. Not only is supplier diversity the right thing to do – it makes good business sense.

Learn more about supplier diversity.