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Planning Center

Planning Center is PJM’s planning tool, which is made up of a suite of modules that allow members to work with data required for long-range planning studies.

Competitive Planner

Competitive Planner makes it easier for transmission owners and transmission developers to submit proposals through PJM’s competitive transmission development process windows. Previously developers would need to fill out an Excel file that would then be uploaded securely. It provides an interactive form that allows developers to provide information more easily and accurately, while also securely submitting that information to PJM from a single location.

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Competitive Planner Demonstration   7.28.2020
User Guide PDF 6.19.2020
Competitive Planner Tool Proposal Example: Redacted | Full PDF 7.7.2020

Gen Model

The Gen Model module lets generation owners upload the required data for NERC’s MOD-032-1 standard. This standard establishes consistent modeling data requirements and reporting procedures needed to develop planning horizon models. These models are necessary to support reliability analyses of the transmission system.

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Acceptable Terms of Use
Data connections should not exceed 600 per minute.

PKI Certificates & Two-Step Verification Browserless/API PDF


Gen Model Demo  8.31.2020
User Guide PDF 4.18.2022
PJM MOD-032 Steady State, Dynamics & Short Circuit modeling Data Requirements & Reporting Procedures PDF
Read Only – 2022 Gen Model Form Spreadsheet XLS
Gen Model: Diagrams | Diagram Definitions PDF 2.5.2021

Queue Point

Queue Point allows interconnection customers to submit new interconnection requests, as well as to make changes to existing requests.

Failing to submit a complete interconnection request and/or missing the various interconnection request due dates as set forth in the Open Access Transmission Tariff may result in your interconnection request being terminated and withdrawn. Please see Part IV of the Tariff WEB | PDF for interconnection request submittal and/or deficiency review details.

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User Guide PDF
Queue Point - Share Feature Quick Guide PDF 
Take a Tour PDF