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Synchrophasor Technology

PJM is working with its members and leading industry organizations to support research and deployment of synchrophasor technology, which is allowing system operators to monitor and study the electric grid in new and deeper ways.


Synchrophasor technology uses monitoring devices, called phasor measurement units, which take high-speed measurements of phase angles, voltage and frequency that are time stamped with high-precision clocks. The high-speed measurements, typically taken 30 times a second, can reveal system changes undetectable through traditional monitoring systems used in the industry. This makes valuable new energy management applications possible, including electric model validation, wide area network monitoring, and oscillation and islanding detection.

PJM collects data from nearly 400 phasor measurement units from a growing list of equipment owners, including Transmission Owners and Generation Owners. PJM is steadily integrating applications based on synchrophasor technology into its regular operations. It is also partnering with equipment owners to facilitate the technology and install new Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) in the most effective manner.

PJM shares real-time synchrophasor data with neighboring grid operators within the Eastern Interconnection as well as contributes to industry organizations active in developing synchrophasor technology and standards.

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Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) Locations


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