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TO Connection

The TO Connection tool serves as a suite for a select set of PJM sub-tools which PJM and its member Transmission Owners utilize in coordination with, or to provide awareness to, its member Transmission Owners.

The TO Connection tool intended audience is transmission system operations/dispatcher focused, including internal PJM Dispatchers/Reliability Engineers, tool administrators, and PJM member Transmission Owner system operator staff directly involved in the underlying tool.

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Post Contingency Local Load Relief Warning (PCLLRW) - Sub-tool utilized in the coordination of post-Contingency load shed plans (as part of Operating Plans) between PJM and impacted Transmission Owners (TO).

Training Videos
The below training was provided in 2014 and will be updated following the Q3 PCLLRW enhancements. 
Overview: Training Session WEB
Deficient Status WEB
Low Voltage PCLLRW WEB
Valid Status WEB

Stability Viewer - PJM Dispatchers utilize the Stability Viewer sub-tool as a logging and record-keeping tool for unit or area stability restrictions throughout PJM. PJM member Transmission Owners are provided visibility around the Stability Viewer sub-tool within the TO Connection tool as awareness around unit or area stability restrictions in the PJM footprint. Stability Viewer provides additional visibility to PJM Transmission Owners.

Training Videos
TO Connection & Stability Viewer Overviews WEB